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Drink Specials at Inn Zone

We have a great selection of domestic or foreign, bottled or draft beers. All of the Inn Zone’s well drinks are priced the best in town (see our specials)! Come get your drink on with domestic beers, imported beers or if you’re craving a little Juarez Gold Tequila we have it for the best prices /around the clock. We also offer 10 oz. Cuervo Margaritas specials to help quench your thirst.

Join us for Sunday and Monday Night Football to enjoy Longneck Coors and Coors Light and add a shot of Jack Daniels for a "super special deal".

What's On Tap?

• Amstel Light (Holland)
• Corona (Mexico)
• Corona Light (Mexico)
• Heineken (Holland)
• Negra Modelo (Mexico)
• Pacifico (Mexico)
• Red Stripe (Jamaica)
• Bud Light
• Bud Light Lime
• Blue Moon
• Budweiser
• Coors Light
• Michelob Ultra
• Miller Genuine Draft 64
• Miller Light
• O’Doul’s (non-alcoholic)